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Hi there! Welcome to my home on the web. Feel free to stay a bit and look around. God has blessed me with two children and one step-child, seven grandchildren, a wonderful husband, and some really cute critters. You can find out more about them on "Our Family" link in the menu.


My favorite hobby is genealogy. My father's ancestry goes back to a young Frenchman who emigrated to New France and changed his name. Anyone who has that last name in their line is related. I am working on creating a family tree of all this man's descendants. It's been a fascinating journey through time and history. The first genealogy link will take you to the Larlee Genealogy website. I am also creating a family tree of all my children's ancestors on both their father's side and my side of the family. My daughter has expressed a real interest, especially with her father's ancestors. For now the link will take you to the tree I'm building on Ancestry.com.

I am like any grandma - I love to show off pictures of my grandkids, as well as the kids, the critters and lots of other things. Feel free to check it out. I've also been blogging now for several years. I'm not posting as fervently as I once did, but it remains a great way for friends and family to find out what is going on with us up here in Northern Maine. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please take a moment while you're here to sign my guestbook so I know you stopped by. Also feel free to share comments and suggestions. I do, however, reserve the right to remove content I feel is offensive – my grandkids might see it! You can also email me – I promise to respond.